Customer Photo’s

If you wish to have your picture of your birds using any Riversway product featured here on this page, then drop us an email.



Mary Chapman kindly sent this photo in of her birdroom with the attached note about the cage front seed hoppers and soft food dishes;

“We love them and find them very convenient and easy to clean.

Thankyou Mary for you contribution and kind words!



Another excellant birdroom by Mr Mat Ackers who writes;

“I have been using your feeders and drinkers for three seasons now and i cant recommend them enough. The birds took to the cage hoppers straight away and the ease of cleaning make them a must have in my cabin.”



We thank Mr Ben Anderson for his pictures, he also writes;

“Some of the best aviary products available today, can highly recommend the seed hopper just fantastic.”

“I made an online order to Riversway Aviculture on Saturday for some S76. I was quickly contacted by them saying they were out of stock (more was coming from Australia) and do I still want to proceed. I said yes, well today I have it in my hand. That is a super service”
Mr Andrew Luke, T&A Luke Champion Budgerigar Breeder’s