Slimline Hoppers

ABOUT OUR SLIMLINE HOPPERS – Which Slimline Hopper do I want? And why do I want one?


The Riversway Slimline water drinker comeS with an offset channel. these offset channels are designed to MAXIMISE the cage front. The picture to the left demonstrates the green ‘right hand’ standard drinker, and the ‘left hand’ small drinker.


The same hoppers as viewed from ‘outside’ the cage. the green drinker would sit to the right hand side of the cage front, hence the ‘right hand’ drinker. When ordering consider which side of the cage front you want your drinkers. The Right side or the Left side.





The slimline drinker shown from ‘inside’ the cage, clearly showing the ideal placement for your perch and drinker combination. This blue drinker is ‘standard’ size and ‘right hand’. All drinker bases are available in the usual Riversway colours..






Slimline is the word! Pictured left is our Slimline drinker (bottom) and our standard round drinker (top), Being that much slimmer you are less likely to knock them off the cage fronts in more confined birdrooms.

These drinkers really do maximise your cage front